Empowering Bharat: How Education and Udhyam Are Shaping a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

In the increasingly competitive environment of world economies, an interrelation between education and enterprise is seen as an agent for the economic development of countries. «Making Bharat Entrepreneurial» is not only the phrase but a mission to help every young person in India to become the innovator and leader of changes in the country. Leading this movement is the Ugandan based organization known as Udhyam that focuses on nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship through education.

Education is therefore perhaps the most important element that is interconnected with entrepreneurship.
Education is the concrete on which the pillars of an entrepreneur are constructed. The designed prepares individuals with reasoning skills and problem solving skills apart from delegation and leadership skills being required in the business world. Indian youth is swelling and this country is one of the hotspots of young startups, mainstreaming the education of entrepreneurship in the country can strengthen it with a wave of startup across various business sectors.

Udhyam Shiksha: Empowering Through Education
What is Udhyam Shiksha?
Udhyam Shiksha is a proposal made by Udhyam which is to become an element of Educational Process that focuses on entrepreneurial approach and competencies. This has been developed by ensuring that the program encourages the right mindset through the provision of a culture that instills passion for challenges, innovation and risks which are core character of the entrepreneurs.

The Impact of – Udhyam Shiksha
Udhyam Shiksha also has a curriculum to mould the students in the basic aspect of entrepreneurship. Hence, using such teaching approaches as collaborative work in workshops, projects and case studies, as well as providing the students with opportunities for being mentored, students learn scenarios that exist in business worlds. This practical way of teaching and training is inculcated in a way that makes the learning process not only theoretical but also practical.

Udhyam: It became a catalyst for change, There are many reasons why it is possible to use the term “catalyst for change”.
The Vision of Udhyam
Thus, there is hope and vision of Udhyam for the future of Bharat – the future where every individual will be able to unleash his or her entrepreneurship. Through supply of relevant materials, encouragement and offering guidance, Udhyam is well poised to offer the right environment through which young and prospecting entrepreneurs can develop their concepts and turn them into functional businesses.

Programs and Initiatives
Entrepreneurial Training Programs: In terms of training, Udhyam provides training sessions and workshops to make people ready for starting up a business. These programs relate to different areas of business such as business development, budgeting, marketing tactics, and others.

Empowering Bharat: How Education and Udhyam Are Shaping a New Generation of Entrepreneurs