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The hoodie has its origins in the early 20th century, when it was mainly worn by the workers working in cold environments like warehouses and construction sites. Its main characteristic, the hood, proved to be the most useful, as it was used to keep the body warm and protected from the elements. Nevertheless, it was only the 1970s and 80s when the hoodie and Essentials Tracksuit went from a workwear to a symbol of youth culture, being the reason that hip-hop artists and skateboarders wore it.

Versatility Personified:

The most outstanding specific of hoodies is their incomparable versatility. You can choose a hoodie no matter what, it is suitable for all the dress codes. Combine a hoodie made of a thin fabric and a tight cut with the jeans that have been tailored to perfection for a modern, smart-casual attire, or go for a hoodie that is almost too big and wear the leggings for a casual, athletic look. Hoodies have made it possible for people to choose something that is comfortable but still looks good, thus making them a popular option for many.

The Rise of Athleisure:

The athleisure trend has gained in popularity in the recent years and the whole idea of separating activewear and everyday clothes has vanished. Hoodies are the central part of this trend being that of the performance and style. Hoodies are now made with the development of fabric technology to be able to wick away the sweat, provide the breathability, and to give the stretch for the movements that are needed, so that they are perfect for both working out and the casual wear.

A Canvas for Self-Expression:

Hoodies are very popular because of their possibilities for customization and personalization. Through hand embroidery of initials to the bold graphic prints, persons can show their personality and style by using denim tear hoodies as a canvas. The increasing popularity of online platforms and personalization services has made it possible for the consumers to design their own hoodies, thus, they can be their own statement of their personality.

Hoodies with a Conscience:

Nowadays, in the after market where the sustainability is turning to be a very important factor, many brands are switching to the eco-friendly materials and the environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes for their hoodie collections. Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and ethically sourced materials are just some of the options that the environmentally conscious people can choose from as sustainable alternatives. The eco-friendly hoodies that people decide to wear, on one hand, they can reduce their environmental impact and on the other hand, they can make a statement about their beliefs by choosing such items of clothing.

Icon of the pop culture:

In the past decades, hoodies have been frequently shown in pop culture, hereby becoming the symbol of rebellion, youth and authenticity. The movies and real-life events where hoodies are part of them, from The training montage of Rocky Balboa in a gray hoodie to the famous courtroom appearance of Mark Zuckerberg, hoodies have made an everlasting impression on the films, television, and real-life events. These moments show that the hoodie is still a part of our culture and it is a symbol of being through.

Breaking Gender Norms:

A hoodie is not only a popular item, but also an emblem of unity that does not discriminate any gender. Hoodies are no longer categorized as a male or female item of clothing, people are wearing them for different genders, they are now considered as the basic item in wardrobes. The big size of the hoodsize is very suitable for everyone since it flatters all body types, and there are different colors, prints and styles of the hoodie, no matter what the gender identity is.

Essentials Tracksuit