SpherTantrix 3D scaffolds

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, aims to enhance cell culture results by providing researchers and laboratories with a variety of simple and high-performance 3D cell culture systems.

Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture provides an artificially created microenvironment to achieve optimal cell growth, differentiation, and function, as well as the ability to create tissue-like structures in vitro. Compared to costly animal models, assays using 3D-cultured cells are rapid, cost-effective, versatile, and easily reproducible. To date, 3D cell culture systems, including scaffold-based and scaffold-free, have been widely applied in differentiation studies, drug discovery, cancer research, gene and protein expression studies, and cellular physiological studies.

Amerigo Scientific is committed to offering the latest advancements in laboratory technology to its customers. By integrating high-performance 3D cell culture systems such as SpherTantrix 3D scaffolds into its offerings, the company hopes to provide researchers with a comprehensive solution for studying cells in a more realistic and predictive manner.

The innovative 3D cell culture systems can offer a more physiologically relevant environment for studying cell behavior and interaction compared to traditional 2D cell culture models. By providing scientists with tools that better mimic the complex biological processes that occur in vivo, these products enable more accurate and reliable results in drug discovery, toxicology studies, and regenerative medicine research.

“We are excited to bring these cutting-edge 3D cell culture systems to our customers,” said the business development manager at Amerigo Scientific. “These advanced tools will empower researchers to conduct more robust experiments and gain deeper insights into cellular processes, leading to significant advancements in biomedical research.”

Amerigo Scientific is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and supporting researchers in their quest for discoveries. By expanding its product portfolio, the company is poised to make a meaningful impact on the field of cell culture and contribute to the development of innovative treatments and therapies.

SpherTantrix 3D scaffolds